When one should take Vastu advice?

  • The best decision shall be to take Vastu advise before buying any vacant property i.e any plot, house, flat, shop, showroom, go down, apartment, school, banquet hall, farm house etc.
  • If one has already bought the site or it is your ancestral property, then Vastu advice may be helpful in making the drawing or plot’s map as per Vastu principles so that the decision of rooms Vastu, kitchen Vastu, plot facing Vastu, toilet Vastu, Pooja Place Vastu (Mandir Vastu) and other essential components of site can easily be done as per Vastu principles,
  • If the drawing is already finalized, then further work like location of Almirahs, cabinets, cup boards, Taps, latrine-seat, interior decoration and other micro Vastu tenets like paint work, stone flooring, furniture lay out, cash place Vastu etc. can be incorporated before hand.
  • If one has to purchase a flat and he has no choice than to finalise one offered by the builder/ developer etc., then in this case the perfect interior Vastu can be done.
  • If everything is finalized and there is no scope to change anything, then the super specialty of ‘Vastu Corrections without demolition” is advised by Dr. Anand Bhardwaj in which no construction or demolition is done. Rather all the remedies are home remedies in which you need not to spend any heavy amount; it is very simple, scientific and practical.

Why  a person enjoys life in an anti Vastu premises and the other suffers even after following Vastu tenets?

Since long it has been a big question as to why it happens, but now Dr Anand Bhardwaj has searched & researched to it & got wonderful findings related to earth spirals. So Dr Bhardwaj is one of the best Vastu Consultants of the world.



On 15th. January, 2010, Rotary Club, Midtown, Ludhiana organized a programme on Vastu Shastra at Hotel Majestic Park Plaza, Ferozepur Road, Ludhiana in the Firdause Hall of the Hotel. Dr. Anand Bhardwaj, the prominent Vastu Consultant from New Delhi was the guest speaker. Dr. Bhardwaj is holding a doctorate degree in Vastu Science & he has the expertise on the scientific facet of age old building science called Vastu Shastra. While putting lights on the definition, background and meaning of Vastu, he said that the great wisdom of Vastu was laid down by our Rishis, Munis, ancestors, spiritual people and other learned scholars thousands of years back but its true value is being realized today. Those principles are aimed at giving physical, mental, spiritual, social & economical comfort to all human beings. Of late this Vedic knowledge started to be linked with superstitions, Dharm-karm, Shubh-ashubh etc. but with the introduction of hi-tech instruments, sensors & scanners, the authenticity behind each principle of traditional vastu is being proved scientifically. Hence Vastu is becoming more & more technical, scientific, logical & authentic. According to Dr. Anand Bhardwaj, Vastu is nothing but living in harmony with nature”. In the above workshop, he demonstrated few sensors & computerized scanners which can trace and analyze any positive and negative vibes in a few seconds. The instruments are made in France, Japan, Brazil etc. Dr. Bhardwaj also showed a few scans of positive and negative sites. The whole interaction was enriching and quite a new experience for all the members & associates of Rotary Club. This knowledgeable evening enthralled the audience.

RIGHT TIME FOR GETTING A VAASTU AUDIT DONE: It is always better late than never. It is not a religious activity, which requires any religiously auspicious day or a special MUHOORAT etc. One can get his premises surveyed by a Vaastu consultant any time but it is always better to get the advise before buying a plot either for residential purpose or for business/ commercial activities so that

  • Plot can be Vaastu friendly,
  • Building can be made as per Vaastu tenets,
  • Household goods can be set according to Vaastu & Fengshui
  • Further boosting can be given through Pyramidology.
  • All doors and entrances ensure the Vaastu guidelines,
  • All “to do” and “not to do” factors (home remedies) can be incorporated in time, and
  • Various other positive factors may also be incorporated while deciding interior decoration, placements & designing like wood-work, showcases, false ceilings, posters & paintings etc.

However, one can also get the existing, already built-up or old house surveyed from Vastu angle so that a perfect combination of Vastu, Fengshui, Pyramidology & Home Remedies may help to put efforts to divert or ward-off the negative vibrations & one may get multiple  comforts from Vastu. Even, in multi-storey apartments, where dislocation of even a single thing is neither feasible nor practically possible, one can get benefits of  Vastu. But ensure that the Vastu consultant is a well qualified, experienced & known Vastu, Fengshui and Pyramidology expert otherwise one may be left with no-solution and unnecessary tensions.  People are becoming very alert in all respects. A wise man gets his house built-up according to Vaastu, decorates his interiors as per Fengshui & further boosts his entire premises with Pyramids. He also wants to incorporate the “Home Remedial Science”. What else do you want?