Caution! Don’t let a novice or incompetent numerology advisor to play or make an experiment with your life who is going to make alterations in your name. Chose one who is equipped with perfection. Remember, in urge of better prospects, you are going to take a very crucial decision of your life. So chose one who is really the best Numerology Consultant. Dr Anand is a renowned Numerology Expert with thousands of clientele worldwide. He is known to be the first numerology consultant who has modern means of authenticating the impact of numbers. For example, after making alteration in your name number, he can prove the positive transformation of your personal energy with the help of Human Energy Scanner. Testing the positive numbers that suits to you is also authenticated with a new technology in which the Cosmo Telluric Sensor is used to check, re-check & adopt the particular number for whole of the life. The above techniques make Dr. Anand Bhardwaj the best & prominent Numerological advisor.Yes we have unique testing facility, which is not introduced in India by any Numerology consultant.

What is Numerology?
The power of numbers is immense. You can easily experience the power of numerology and acknowledge the miraculous effects it has on your life. The origins of numerology dates back to the ancient Chinese and Greek civilizations where numbers were considered to be the base of a person’s life story. Numbers were widely used in these ancient civilizations to predict the major milestones of a person’s life. The authenticity of numerology and numerological calculations can easily be seen by the wonderful effects it has, on the life of a person. Problems that have been troubling a person for ages can be sorted out through this system of numrology. Money matters, relationship issues and all other problems that come in the way to a happy, prosperous and content life can be bailed out very easily by numerology. Every number in the numerological calculator has a value and each alphabet in your name adds up to a certain numeral value which would be your ruling number. This ruling number has a great value in life and determines your success in life as well. The ruling number, according to its name rules your life and most of the decisions of your life are based on this number. According to Winston Churchill the pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. Numbers help you to make good use of each and every opportunity that knocks on your door. For every man, there are a lot of opportunities that keep coming in his life but he fails to recognize them and to act in time. Numerology helps you on this front as well.

By now you must be aware of the importance that numbers hold in our life. Numerology was earlier prevalent in India only but now, numerology is widely studied everywhere in the world and people are realizing the importance of numbers in their success and life. Naming a new born according to the sun sign or the zodiac sign has been popular for ages. It is for this reason only that royal families and lineages have been using the same name for long periods of time and has been carried on for ages. The term “senior”, “junior” or “I” and “II” etc. have been used to define their seniority or supremacy during that era. For example George-IV, George-V, Henry II etc………..  In our country as well, the names with positive, famous, prominent and outstanding ambience like “Chandragupta”, “Vikramaditya” or “Harshavardhana” have been widely accepted and used. These names have a special and sacred Aura and a positive energy within them. They help in providing positivity to the person who is being named and also facilitates right decision making and in following the right path to success. There have been many instances in the history of numerological philosophy where learned men have been able to successfully gather information regarding a person based on the first alphabet of the person’s name. That is what the power of numerology is. It helps us in coming in terms of the positive linkage between character and meaning of a particular name and number.

We would also deal with and understand the meaning of each and every alphabet individually and find out the hidden meaning behind each character or letter in the alphabet system. There are a total of 26 alphabets in the English language and each alphabet holds great importance in the name. Letters being used repeatedly in the name of a person also holds great importance and is crucial for the correct numerological calculation. These 26 alphabets can make or break the destiny of a man and should be chosen with great care and careful study of the meanings of these characters can help us in paving our way to success. Success and failure is not just a part of life but the heart of life. The key to one’s success is in one’s own hands. So let the numbers pave your way to a better life and an enhanced future. Let the numbers open the doors to your victorious fate. There are various aspects to a person’s name. They are the common name of the person that he uses in his day to day life and is considered the legal name for all matters. The second aspect of a person’s name is the surname of that person which has been passed on to him from his ancestors and forefathers. The third aspect is the date of birth of that person which plays a very important role in the cosmic reading of the individual. The fourth and the last aspect is the nickname of the being. Nick names also have a major role to play in the resolve of the destiny of the individual. We also cannot rule out the importance of luck in the pathway of life and destiny. These four important aspects have to be dealt with, in the numerological estimations. The common name of the individual can very well be altered according to numerological reckoning. The surname is an unchangeable aspect of the person’s name. However, the spellings and the alphabets of the surname can be altered in order to achieve the desired results. The date of birth is also a dominant force in numerology but it cannot be modified according to out needs. With a mild twist of pronunciation, it’s easy to modify the nickname of an individual. Isn’t it?