What is Feng Shui?

Laughing Buddha“Feng” means “wind” and “shui” means “water” . In Chinese culture gentle wind and clear water have always been associated with good harvest and good health, thus “Feng Shui” came to mean good livelihood and fortune. It is one of the most ancient Chinese Arts of placement that balances the natural forces of the universe to help Chi (positive energy) flow in the best possible way. 

Feng Shui Techniques 

Classical Feng Shui can be associated with the following techniques. This list merely includes some of the most common techniques used to bring peace and harmony within the environment or space.

  • Bagua (relationship of the five phases or wuxing)
  • Five phases (wuxing relationships)
  • Xuan Kong (time and space methods)
  • Xuan Kong Fei Xing (Flying Stars methods of time and directions)
  • Xuan Kong Da Gua (“Secret Decree” or 64 gua relationships)
  • Xuan Kong Shui Fa (time and space water methods)
  • Zi Bai (Purple-White Flying Stars methods)
  • Ba Zhai (Eight Mansions)
  • San Yuan Dragon Gate Eight Formation
  • Major & Minor Wandering Stars
  • San He Luan Dou (24 Mountains, Mountain-Water relationships)
  • San He Shui Fa (water methods)
  • Qimen Dunjia (Eight Doors and Nine Stars methods)
  • Zi wei dou shu (Purple King, 24-star)

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