Energy scanning – What is Aura?.

Human AuraEvery living thing on the earth radiates a field of energy, which is called an aura or energy scanning. In humans, there are seven main centers in the body that produce the energy or the aura, and these energy centers are called Chakras. These energy fields can be scanned over a long distance and then interpreted in the analysis. The analysis provide perfect evaluation of material and spiritual status of an individual. 

Energy scanning – Meaning of Colors 

Every color in the spectrum of aura indicates specific meaning and reflects the true status of the individual. Some of the common that may be observed in the aura around people are:

  • AQUA : Healer
  • BLACK : Often seen around abused children, divorces, drug addicts and torture victims
  • PALE BLUE : The color of sensitivity
  • SKY BLUE : Strong natural instincts
  • COBALT BLUE : Intuition coming from the higher dimensions of the aura
  • PRUSSIAN BLUE : Represents harmony
  • ROYAL BLUE : Independent souls, who love to choose their own path
  • DELFT BLUE : Strong ethics
  • ULTRAMARINE : Seen in the aura of sailors, surfers and people who are around the sea.
  • NAVY BLUE : People with this color tend to move slow, but safe and sure
  • INDIGO : Strong psychic ability
  • AMBER : Personal strength and courage
  • RAW SIENNA : Indicates poor thinking process
  • FAWN : Period of problems is coming to an end
  • DOE-SKIN : Found in people who are very orderly
  • MUSHROOM : A slowing of destiny
  • CHOCOLATE BROWN : The color of environmentalist and farmers
  • RUSSET-BROWN : A hard working person
  • TERRACOTTA : People who challenge convention
  • DARK BROWN : Indicates a person with common sense
  • GOLD : A higher level of consciousness
  • PALE GREEN : Spiritual advancement
  • LEMON GREEN : Indication for liars and cheats
  • IRIDESCENT GREEN : Friendly people
  • JADE : A charitable nature
  • VIRIDIAN : Emotional and mental stress
  • OLIVE GREEN : Scrooge
  • DARK GREEN : Mental stress
  • TURQUISE : Found around people who have great ability to struggle and find success in life
  • CHARCOAL GREY : Depression
  • APRICOT : Caring communication
  • ORANGE : Strong motivation
  • IMPERIAL PURPLE : Heightened dream activity
  • GRAPE : Laziness
  • VIOLET : Once again humble people
  • RUSTIC RED : Short tempered
  • SCARLET RED : Indicates ego
  • GOLDEN YELLOW : Inspiration
  • STRAW YELLOW : Day dreamers

Energy scanning – Aura or Energy Scanning 

The energy scanning allows us to perceive the scanning the energy dynamics that influence the body – mind function. A CESS (Computerized Energy Scanning System) is used to trace out various positive & negative vibrations. These vibration reflects the internal state of energy such as Mental, emotional, and interactive energies.

The auric pattern rather provides a much more complete picture as regards realistic state of happening. It indicates upon relationship harmony, success in work, hurdles and obstacles to be cautious upon, general physical and emotional health. The analysis is very significant because not an individual learn about the pluses and minuses, but also have a corrective solution. If and where required, aura and chakra cleansing is also advised.