Vastu purush is described as an imaginary person in the form of God or Demi God in Brihat Samhita and Matasya Puran. According to text “Mayamatam” Vastu Purusha is has 6 bones, a single heart, four vulnerable points and four vessels. His presence is in every plot and he lying on the ground with his back upward direction and head hanging down towards north east direction. Vastu Purusha is responsible for good or bad fortune for the house owner or resident depending upon the disturbance caused to him and we should avoid to disturb his sensitive organs e.g. brain, heart, naval point etc.

Whenever there is new construction activity to be started for building, temple or industry and prior to occupying it for living, the Vastu Purusha’s worship is compulsory. By pleasing the Vastu Purusha, stability, long life of building and betterment of the inmates can be achieved.

Vastu Purusha is the lord of building and earth is the mistress of house. He leaves impressions on earth and earth receives his seeds. Vastu Purusha Mandala, is a physical square plan which contains 8×8=64 or 9×9=81 squares and 45 Gods resides in them. The extent of which differs with the change of shape of plot but not in their relative position in the plan, which is known as “Brihat Samhita”.

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